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Calligraphy in the Late Ming Dynasty from the Perspective of Model Calligraphy——“Four Famous Calligraphers”

Model calligraphy is an important part in Chinese calligraphy history. There were more than 130 kinds in Ming Dynasty, and the scale of them far exceeded that of the Song Dynasty. A large number of famous and influential model calligraphy had been produced, such as "Xi Hong Tang Model Calligraphy", "Lai Qin Guan Model Calligraphy", "Mo Chi Tang Model Calligraphy", "Yu Gang Zhai Model Calligraphy", "Yu Qing Zhai Model Calligraphy " and "Qing Jian Tang Model Calligraphy".

There were a large number of famous calligraphers. Such as Dong Qichang, Xing Tong, Zhang Ruitu and Mi Wanzhong were among the best, and they are called "four famous calligraphers in the late Ming Dynasty". Previous research on these "four famous calligraphers in the late Ming Dynasty" were mostly case studies. Few researchers combined “the ecological environment” of calligraphy in Ming as a whole to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth research.

This research project will examine the culture of calligraphy in the late Ming period, its aesthetics, the artistic characteristic of the “four great calligraphers”, and their influence. It will pay special attention to the relationship between drawn and printed calligraphy and the circulation of model books.

Yu Bo is Associate Professor in the School of Fine Arts, Northeast Normal University, China. A specialist on Ming calligraphy, she has published widely on the subject and is also a practicing artist.

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