Dr Donal Cooper (CVC Co-Director, Department of History of Art, and CVC Chair, 2021-22)

Donal is Associate Professor of Italian Renaissance Art in the Department of History of Art, where he is also Director of Research and Deputy Head of Department. His research is characterized by collaboration: with other researchers, with curatorial and conservation colleagues, and latterly with digital humanists and modellers. Current projects include an interdisciplinary study of Simone Martini’s works at the Fitzwilliam Museum with colleagues at the Museum and the Hamilton Kerr Institute. His own research focuses on the experience of art and ritual in late medieval and Renaissance Italy. Donal’s concern to recover lost contexts for viewing artworks has found expression in digital mapping and modelling initiatives, and he is Co-Investigator on the Getty-funded Florence 4D project. His co-authored book with Janet Robson, The Making of Assisi (Yale University Press, 2013), won the Art Book prize in 2014.

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