Reconstruction: Methods and Practices in Research, Exhibitions, and Conservation

Centre for Visual Culture Inaugural Conference

24th– 25th February, Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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24th February:

Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall

9:00-9:20: Registration

9:20-9:30: Opening Remarks

Alexander Marr (University of Cambridge)

9:30-11:00: Session 1.

Chair: Joanna Norman (V&A)

Spike Bucklow (Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge), Sharpening Perceptions: The Role of Reconstructions in Training the Mind, Eye and Hand

Tianna Uchacz and Tillmann Taape (Columbia University), Revisiting the Making and Knowing Lab

Marta Ajmar (V&A): Re-making and Mimesis: Corresponding with Renaissance Intarsia

11:00-11:30: Coffee

11:30-13:00: Session 2.

Chair: Christine Slottved Kimbriel (Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge)

Donal Cooper (University of Cambridge) and Fabrizio Nevola (University of Exeter): Virtual (Un)Certainties: Reconstructing Historical Contexts for Florentine Renaissance Paintings

Daniel Pett (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge): Digital Embellishment of the Great Shrine of Amaravati

Petra Maclot (KU Leuven): Fact and Fiction: The Reconstruction of Sixteenth-Century Houses in Antwerp

13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00-15:30: Session 3.

Chair: Amy Tobin (University of Cambridge)

Annette Tietenberg (HBK Braunschweig): The Way Beyond Art: The Kabinett der Abstrakten in Hanover under Reconstruction 

Hélia Marçal (Tate): The Body as Source: Practices of Re-enactment in the Preservation of Performance Art

Sanneke Stigter (University of Amsterdam): Conceptual Art and Reconstruction

15:30-16:00: Coffee

16:00-17:00: Session 4.

Chair: Melissa Calaresu (University of Cambridge)

Ivan Day (Independent Scholar): Covered Cups and Hackled Dishes: The Reconstruction of a Baroque Feast in a Museum Setting

Joanna Norman (V&A): Remaking the Period Room

Deborah Krohn (Bard Graduate Center): Practicing what we Teach

17:30-18:30: Keynote Lecture

Sven Dupré (Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam), Site Matters: Histories and Designs of “Re-Methods”

18:30: Drinks reception

25th February

Lecture Theatre, Trinity Hall

9:00-10:30: Session 5.

Chair: Donal Cooper (University of Cambridge)

Ulinka Rublack (University of Cambridge): “Be-feathered Men”: Reconstructing a Renaissance Fashion

Amandine Didouan (University of Cambridge):  Real or Ideal? Re-enacting Illustrated Riding Exercises of the Seventeenth-Century

Sophie Pitman (Aalto University): Making Material: Refashioning the Clothing of Early Modern Artisans

10:30-11:00: Coffee

11:00-12:30: Session 6.

Chair: Spike Bucklow (Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge)

Edward Cheese (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge): Rebinding and the Reconstruction of Manuscripts

Charlene Vella (University of Malta): Reframing and Presenting Antonello da Messina’s Nephew’s Renaissance altarpieces

Amy Gillette (The Barnes Foundation) and Zachary Stewart (Texas A&M University): The Mancroft Font Canopy Project

12:30-13:30: Lunch

13:30-15:00: Session 7.

Chair: Sven Dupré (Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam’)

Mary-Ann Middelkoop (University of Cambridge): “Those Sumptuous Embassies”: Reconstruction Practices and German Art Exhibitions in Interwar Period

Annette Loeseke (NYU Berlin): Deconstructing Reconstructions: Berlin’s Pergamon Museum and the Panorama Exhibition by Yadegar Asisi

Nicola Foster(Solent University), Exhibition Reconstruction: When Attitudes Become Form, Bern1969/Venice2013

15:00-15:30: Coffee

16:00-17:30: Session 8.

Chair: Alexander Marr (University of Cambridge)

Elsbeth Geldhof (Blue Tortoise Conservation): The Many Faces of Reconstruction: Experiences from a Historic Paint Conservator

Georgios Artopoulos (Cyprus Institute Nicosia) and Anastasia Christophilopoulou (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge): Immersing in Virtual Island-scapes: A Case Study in Museum Virtual Environments

Ellen Handy (CUNY): Photography as Reconstruction: Hiroshi Sugimoto and W.H.F. Talbot, A Case Study

17:30: Close

Image credit: Chris Titmus, Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge

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