The Object Talks Back. Bildwissenschaft and the Challenge of the Material Turn

This project examines the relationship between Bildwissenschaft and Anglophone “material culture” studies. It is supported by the Cambridge-LMU Strategic Partnership.

Munich and Cambridge complement each other because Munich has a long tradition and great present expertise in the field of Bildwissenschaft and its intellectual ancestors, in particular Aby Warburg. Due to linguistic and other barriers, Bildwissenschaft, though very influential in Europe, has never received much attention in the UK, whereas the material turn has many of its protagonists in Cambridge. The project starts an intellectual dialogue between these two approaches to visual and material culture.  To achieve this, we will organize a joint seminar, invite senior partners for short-term visiting professorships, and enable PhDs and Postdocs to spend time in the participating institutions with their excellent libraries.

Principal Investigators:

  • Prof. Caroline van Eck (Cambridge)
  • Prof. Ruth Bieldfeldt (LMU)


  • Dr. Alexander Marr (Cambridge)
  • Dr. Carrie Vout (Classics)